Stretched '23 Body & Frame Kits  

We learned from driving our stock size '27 and applied that to our new '23. The main body has been lengthened 5 inches, 4 of which is behind the door while still retaining the original door lines. The remaining

inch is under the hood. We increased the hood flange length to further increase the overall length, and make hood installation much easier.  This body is designed to be used as Track Roadster, not a "Fad T".  Track Roadsters need hoods!

Our Turtle Deck was designed from scratch to look similar to an original yet incorporates several improvements. First we added a rolled pan to the rear and sides for appearance and increased depth. Second, we extended the front to fill in the void left behind by the typically missing original body sill. Finally we made the turtle deck a functional trunk. It may not be big, but it is a lot better than nothing. The separate lid sits on a drip rail all around to keep the contents dry.


The body is reinforced with Core-Mat, to add strength and stiffness, not weight.


The body has a 5" wide flange in the bottom for strength and mounting ease. The turtle deck has a 4" wide flange for mounting to the body. 

Track Roadster Nose

 This nose resembles the beautiful noses of the upright Indy cars of the late 40's.  Hand laid, it features a hood flange and grille opening. 


   '23 Track Roadster Frame Kits 

We start our frames by machining all ends of every tube on a CNC Machining Center for the ultimate in precision.  


Frame kits are available from the basic 16 piece saw cut blank tubes, P/N:23FKS or the fully machined tubes, ready to weld, P/N:23FKM for those who desire the satisfaction of welding your own frames.  



If you prefer, we will TIG weld the kit for you, P/N:23FKW.






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