May 28, 2004: Watch for news in the near future regarding our decision to finally do our own body.

It appears that the availability of bodies from the sources below is not as quick

as it could be, 3 to 5 months from either  Wescott's Auto or Poli-form !

For that reason we are considering building the ultimate '27 body, but first we must explore the actual needs that the body 

must address.  My experience tells me that if should not be just a fiberglass version of an original Ford.  That simply does not

work in the 21st century.  Our body will likely be dimensionally different from a stock body while maintaining the general appearance

of a '27.  It will undoubtedly be bigger in many areas to create the room required to go down the road in comfort.  Redesigning the 

body to achieve this will require a considerable amount of work, so we will start with a new CAD design in Solidworks to create

a 3D solid model.  Once that is done we can decide which is the best and most practical way to produce the body, and I will be 

surprised if it is done in fiberglass...there are better ways!

Until then, we have frames, frame kits and frame drawing packages for '27 Track Roadsters available.



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