I decided while driving along side the Prowler that a larger body was a must. I personally think the world has enough 32's, but a stock size '29 doesn't offer much more room than my '27. I recall that the body on my Bonneville roadster was originally a coupe, and had several inches

more cockpit length and wider doors. I think I am on to something, but the shape of a coupe with the top removed just isn't quite right either. I basically like '29's, I think they have some really cute features, but they need some help, so here we are.

To the right, I ponder what the ride will be like as I size up the feel of the car in an early fitting. Note the smoothed cowl and cowl post, and the slightly rounded door:


Now I'm getting into the ride (on the left). The front edge of the door has been moved one inch to the rear, and the doors are a good two inches longer for a total of three additional inches of driver comfort.

Note the custom dash on the right. Also we are not finished yet with the top edge of the door leading into the windshield post and cowl.

I must be checking the speedometer, a little over 200 it says. Notice how the corners of the doors and deck lid have been rounded. The area between the front edge of the deck lid and back of the cowl now rise gently, no more flat panel. At the bottom of the body, the frame will be reshaped to match the body. There will be a bodyline, but no overhang of the frame.

This shot gives you a good view of the rounding of the body. Look at a stock '29 roadster door, pretty much flat and straight. Not this one, it gently curves from front to back. When finished the top of the door will flow into the top of the dash / cowl, similar to a '33:

Where are we going with this you ask? This car was developed by ATR and my good friend Harry Nicks.  It has been completed and had features in Street Rod Builder and torsion bar chassis detail article in Rod & Custom. Harry owns what may be the best kept hot rodding secret in Southern CaliforniaContact Harry directly at:  Nicks Old Car Specialty (909)798-1078. If you need a project done in metal give him a call.


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