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Own a piece of Indy 500 History

This is what remains of the original frame.  From an historical perspective there is some of it that is usable.  Using part of the main frame to trace the changes from 1953 to 1954 in rear radius rod location and the addition of rear torsion bars is valuable.  The right hand side panel also verifies the change moving the steering from the right side to the left side in '54.  The seat is quite usable.  The tail hoop behind the seat and the cowl / instrument panel hoop are usable.  As the car fell down the old race car food chain and became a V-8 powered dirt track car, there were many modifications made and plenty of cutting and hacking.  

It would be easy to take the attitude that this pile of parts conveys a license to jack up the radiator cap and build a new car under it.  This car, because of the Lou Moore heritage is important and has peaked a significant amount of interest among Indy history buffs, more even than the Kurtis KK-500-H which I owned for many years.  It is easily eligible for certification.

However the remains confirm it's origins and are valuable both for restoration and documentation in acquiring "Certification" as a Class 24-A competition vehicle from the Antique Automobile Club of America.  I have the necessary paperwork from AACA and will deliver it partially completed with the car, to the buyer.

This car will be an inexpensive car to complete  that will gain you entrance into venues otherwise unavailable.  You can take it to the Miller Meet, Indy, and any number of other historical events.